Creative Business Plan: #3. What am I selling?

Crafting a Business 101 : Series with printable business plan worksheets

The Lazy Owl

beginning your businessSee my introduction post about writing a business plan for your creative business. We discuss question #1 here and question #2 here.  Time to move on to question #3!

#3. What am I selling? Both literally and figuratively.

Like question #2, this question also has dual meanings. First and most obviously, it’s asking what exactly you are creating and putting up for sale. What is your product? What are you good at making in an efficient manner that results in a high-quality, sell-able product? What do you enjoy making? At some point, it is wise to make sure that the things you are selling are actually generating a profit and thus worth creating for your business…but that’s a whole other story about pricing and sourcing and expenses and what not. Just something to keep in mind!

Your business plan should include a succinct description of the product(s) you offer for…

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