The Crochet Crowd is Officially Mobile

the crochet crochet has an app 🙂

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We’ve officially moved into the era of being in your pocket / purse. The New Crochet Crowd App is officially launched. Be one of the first to try our new APP.

Get Our FREE Crochet Crowd App Now

We’ve been waiting a long time to have our own APP. This puts our community directly into your pocket. Let me tell you about some of the features.

  • To keep our community connected, our Facebook section will have the latest comments, including our own, in chronological order. This means when you look at our Facebook, it’s not just Cathy and I yacking at ya. It’s the latest posts from our entire community.
  • Our YouTube Videos are connected to the APP. It’s in order of the latest released videos. It will play directly on our APP as well.
  • Photos are from ourselves that we share on Facebook. We are looking to change this…

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