Inspired by Taylor, Free Beret/Tam Pattern

Want to make this in 2014.

ELK Studio - Handcrafted Crochet Designs

I wanted to thank everyone for hanging out with me this year by wrapping it up with another free pattern.  I’ve posted pictures of my friend Taylor and her daughter wearing matching hats on my ELK Studio Facebook page, and it’s been a big hit.  Taylor and I (along with some other friends) took a trip this past April to a women’s convention in Boston.  Taylor found a cute knitted hat but instead of buying it, she asked if I could make her one for this upcoming winter.

I really appreciate my friends having enough confidence in me to come up with my design and pattern without any restrictions.  The only thing she wanted was a bow which wasn’t a problem.  Here is a picture of my beautiful friend, Taylor.

Inspired by Taylor

As I always try to do, I worked this hat up using different yarns.  I had never tried Bernat…

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