About Sara

Momwithahook on Squidoo

I started writing on Squidoo in September of 2007. I used to write a page a week but now it is rare for me to write a page a month. Squidoo was one of the first revenue sharing sites I started earning from. It is also my favorite because Seth Godin started it as a way to collaborate with others and share your interests.

In the beginning you had not revenue shares as it went to charity. Donating to charity is now optional so many marketers and ill will people have started to abuse the site. It is still a good place to write.

I love the community of writers I belong to. They’ve taught me a lot about writing, marketing (the right way), friendship, search engine optimization and how to improve my writing.

Are you a mom just starting your journey online? I recommend trying Squidoo first to learn and to get your feet ‘wet’.

Find me online: MyBlogAssistant.com (virtual assistant site), CrochetBusiness.com (business tip blog), CreateCrochetPatterns.com (eBook), Twitter: @momwithahook, Pinterest:@Momwithahook. 


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